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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Top 10 China Cities to Find Chinese Beauties

As a International metropolis, Shanghai leads full frontal fashion of China, they have strong interests in the latest fashion, perfume, cosmetic, light music and ballroom dance. They are permeated with romantic and fashionable colour.

classical Chinese beauty: big eyes, white skin touched with red, sweet smile..

Metro in China 
Suzhou and Hangzhou
Just as there is paradise in heaven, ther are Suzhou and Hangzhou on earth, can girls born here not absorb the tranquil spirits of these cities? Detailed information can be found on Onlinechinatours.

look, water-like skin....

paradise on the earth
As it is situated in North China, girls there are usually of delicate skin, what's more, they always born with a distinctive characteristic:enthusiasm towards life.

I like her graceful smile....

a city on the sea shore
Encircled by Qinhuai River, girls in Nanjing are naturally delicate and pretty, making them outstanding even in crowds of beauties.

I'm sure she wins the game..

ancient capital for six dynasties
Like the city, Chengdu beauties are vaguely revealling a sense of casual and lazy, as soft as a cat.

Active as a dancing rabbit; calm as maiden girl

a city suitable for life
Situated in Central China, Changsha beauties combining the advantages of girls in North and South China, they are endowed with the figures of North China beauties as well as the tender lookings of South China beaties.

the No.1 Beauty among Chinese Sports Players

The statue is made from gold or copper?
Chongqing beauties are well-known for their forthright characteristics, making them charming and distinctive.

eyes dim with love????

a spicy city along Yangtze
Born in the capital of China, they are capable and experienced, shrewd and generous. Meanwhile they are born with characteristics of intelligent and considerate as other North China girls.

International Zhang: grown with royal temperament

Capital of P.R.China
Though Hongkong beauties may not be that outstanding in their appearance, they have an acute understanding of fashion.

a legend of keeping young....

Hong Kong, a smelter
They are intelligent and shrewd in business, while at the same time, they can be gentle and considerate to their lovers. Maybe among all the beauties in various cities, Guangzhou beauties are the most suitable to be good wives.

forever memory during R.China

landmark of Guangzhou; Slender Waist

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