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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Adventures around the World

 Outdoor adventure games now attracted increasingly attentions, people tend to spend their time and money for un unforgettable experience, and adventure travel is at present more and more well-known.

In January, 2011, an American advnturer Jonathan tied 55 balloons filled with helium to his office chair,
successfully flew to an altitude of 4,500. It is known that when the balloon reach the highest place, the
temperature fell into -15 C.

On October 2008, when a group of British adventurers went to China for exploration, they unexpectedly found a
deep cave, measuring 1,026m, being regarded as the deepest cave ever being known.

Seated in a single kayak, grasped cabin door of a plane, smiled to camera lens, this is Miles' (or Myers) photo
at the height of 4,000m when he was going to parachute with the kayak--a new activity created by him, pushing
extreme sports to a new height.

In April 2010, an American called Deane·Potter climbed up the Eiger in Switzerland bare-handed, at the peak of
over 3,900m, he jumped down with his parachute, like a wide eagle rushing at verdant European champaign.