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Monday, July 18, 2011

Top 8 Noted Chinese Cuisine

When referring China, Chinese culture and Chinese cuisine are usually the top two items come into our mind. Esp, delicious Chinese food, which, together with wonderful Chinese scenic spots, has attracted numerous tourists to China each year. Now, Chinese cuisine has become highly popular in other parts of the world – from Asia to the Americas, Australia, Western Europe and Southern Africa.

Traditional Chinese cuisines include 8 styles of cuisines, classified by their flavors and regions: Anhui (Hui cuisine), Cantonese (Yue cuisine), Fujian (Min cuisine), Hunan (Xiang cuisine), Jiangsu (Su, Huaiyang cuisine) cuisine, Shandong (Lu cuisine), Szechuan (Chuan cuisine), and Zhejiang (Zhe cuisine).

These styles are distinctive from one another by some factors, like available resources, climate, geography, history, cooking techniques and lifestyle.

Fujian cuisine is a traditional Chinese cuisine. Hundreds of types of fish, shellfish and turtles are employed, edible mushrooms and bamboo shoots are also utilized. Fujian broth or soup is particularly famous.
Hunan cuisine is well known for its hot spicy flavor, fresh aroma and deep color.

Buddha jumps over the wall ( Fotiaoqiang)

fishball (yuwan)

chrysanthemum fish (juhua yu): can you sense out it is a fish rather than a flower?
Anhui cuisine is known for its use of wild herbs and simple methods of preparation. Anhui has ample uncultivated fields and forests, so the wild herbs used in the region's cuisine are readily available. Braising and stewing are common techniques employed.

Huangshan stewed pigeon (Huangshan dunge)

smelly mandarin fish, it is really pungent while tasty (chou guiyu)

Hu's clan steward dish: there are usually 3-4 layers of different ingredients, each layer keeps its own flavor (hushi yipinguo)
Of all the regional varieties of Chinese cuisine, Cantonese cuisine is one of the most well-known for great numbers of early emigrants from Guangdong. In China, too, it enjoys great prestige among the eight great traditions of Chinese cuisine.
Toufu chicken (doufu ji)
brewed toufu ( niang doufu)

roast suckling pig (kao ruzhu): to be frank, I've never had such kind of pig before, it is cruel, to some extent, agree?
Jiangsu cuisine pays special attention on cooking techniques such as braising and stewing.

saline water duck (yanshui ya), there are packed duck on sale in Jiangsu and some other provinces, if  you like the flavor, you can buy some and to feast your mouth.

stewed crab lion's head (qingdun xiefen shizitou)

river crab (zhaxie), so delicious and nutrient

squirrel mandarin fish (songshu guiyu), does this fish seems like a squirrel? Not a bit like in my eyes.

Hunan cuisine is well known for its hot spicy flavor, fresh aroma and deep color.
cured meat

Now, varies schools of cuisine in North China, such as those of Beijing, Tianjin, and Northeast, are all branches of Shandong Cuisine. Also, the typical dishes in most North China households' meals are prepared in simplified Shandong methods.

Dezhou Chicken (Dezhou paji)

minced meat sea cucumber (roumo haishen)

four dishes of edible bird's nest (yanwo sidajian)
Szechuan cuisine is famed for bold flavors, particularly the pungency and spiciness resulting from liberal use of garlic and chili peppers, as well as the unique flavour of the Sichuan peppercorn, peanuts, sesame paste and ginger are also prominent ingredients in Szechuan cooking.

shredded pork with garlic sauce (yuxiang rousi)

spicy diced chicken with peanuts (gongbao jiding)

Mapo beancurd

pork lungs in chili sauce
Zhejiang food is not greasy, noted for its fresh and soft flavor with a mellow fragrance.

Longjing shelled fresh shrimps (Longjing xiaren) 

Shrimp fried with ricefield eel

soft-shelled turtle in crystal sugar (bingtang jiayu)


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