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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Top 10 China Mountains

Among numerous China mountains, there are always some outstanding ones for their peculiar features, some one favor the Five Sacred Peaks, namely, Mt. Hua in Shaanxi, Mt. Tai in Shandong, Mt. Song in Henan, Mt. Heng in Hunan and Mt. Hen in Shanxi, while some others prefer Mt. Huangshan for its four wonders, that is: odd pines, fantastic rock, sea of clouds and hot spring; and there also someone like Mt. Emei better for its elegance. All in all, they have their own distinctive features respectively, here I listed 10 most charming China mountains, and further information can be seen at Onlinechinatours.

1.Mt. Gongga


People hiking here

3.Meili Snow Mountain in Yunnan Province

4.Mt. Huangshan, Anhui Province

5.Mt. Chanodnj


7.Mount Kailash

8.Mt. Tai

9.Mt. Emei

10.Namjagbrawa Peak

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