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Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Year in Chinese Yi Ethnic Minority Group

The Yi New Year, which is also called 'Kushi" in local Yi language, usually lasts for 3 days, which falls on November 20th to 26th in 2011, when harvest is done. The first day of the festival is called "Kusi"and the second day "Duobo" then the third day "Apuji". It is one of the most important traditional holiday for Yi people, a chance for family reunion and visting each other. 

Happy celebration of the New Year

Wearing in splendid attire, enjoying performance

There left few records or hints for us to trace back the beginning of the festival, while it can be sure that rituals in the festival bear some connection with ancestor worship. 'Kusi' means a new year, it is a custom that on the early morning, the villagers would kill pigs, and enjoy a bumper meal with all the family members together. 'Duobo' is the day for worshipping gods and 'Apuji' for married daughter to go back to her parents' home.

the situation in greeting the coming of 2011, namely the celebration at the end of the Tiger Year

In May 18, 2010, Chinese Ministry of Culture officially take the Yi Ethnic New Year into national intangible cultural heritage.

traditional rituals, praying for harvest and safty

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