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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Unbelievable World Heritage in Asia

1.Borobudur in Indonesia;
2.Samarkand in Uzbekistan;
3.Ha Long Bay in Vietnam;
4.Angkor in Cambodia;
5.Potala Palace in China;
6.Barneywei Terrace in the Philippines;
7.Kiyomizu Temple in Japan;
8.Taj Mahal in India;
9.the Great Wall in China;
10.Mt. Huangshan in China.

1.Borobudur in Indonesia

2.Samarkand in Uzbekistan

3.Ha Long Bay in Vietnam

4.Angkor in Cambodia

5.Potala Palace in China

6.Barneywei Terrace in the Philippines

7.Kiyomizu Temple in Japan

8.Taj Mahal in India

9.the Great Wall in China

10.Mt.Huangshan in China

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