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Friday, February 24, 2012

Spare Some Time, Plant Several Trees

Busy? You have no time? Even 5 minutes to have a look at the blooming Spring? No, you can squeeze some time to have a glimpse of the gradually changed nature--trees turned green, flowers blooming.......

And if you can, do try to spare some time to go out with your families or friends, have a walk in the furious spring, and it is even better to plant trees with your kids, from digging a whole, planting a tree to watering, sounds not bad, right?



  1. It remembers me of a cruel event in Belgium where several kids were murdered by a serial killer. There were mass protest in the streets when he was arrested and all his murders discovered. As symbolic act thousands of children planten a wood of young trees. It has been called the white childrens forest. The name of the serial killer is Marc Dutroux, we hope he will never be released.


  2. This is really a good cause while traveling and having some fun with your friends.

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