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Sunday, April 22, 2012

April Travel: Wuyuan Rape Flowers in Jiangxi

Wuyuan, known as the most beautiful countryside in China, is situated in the northeastern part of Jiangxi Province in south China. For decades, Wuyuan County is famous for its extraordinary "four colors": red, green, black and white, which refer to the four special products in Wuyuan, respectively, Hebao Carp (literally Pouch Carp), green plant in Wuyuan, dragon-tail ink-stone and Jiang Wan Pear. However, around the Tomb-Sweeping Day, millions of blooming rape flowers will definitely make yellow the fifth color.

The fame of WuYuan lies in its well preserved old villages and beautiful countryside. It has been voted as one of the most beautiful old villages in China. Jiangling is the most charming place for you to appreciate rape flowers. All of them bloom in the terrace, from the top to the foot. With the white Hui style residents around, the rape flowers give a most splendid visual.

Beside for the rape flowers, the old buildings are also attractive. Caihongqiao is an old bridge, which is quite wonderful for you to take a photograph. The water under the bridge is clear and mist covers the bridge every morning, it is definitely very beautiful.

Likeng is an old country, many people whose last name is Lee live in here. The architectural here is the famous Hui style. A stream flow through the village, In front of it is large variety of rape flowers, in the back is the characteristic buildings, how a beautiful landscape it is!

If you want to travel close to nature, Wuyuan can be quite excellent place for you to admire. viewing the flowers of spring, you can have a unusual feeling.


  1. really gorgeous! that top aerial shot is amazing!

  2. the place is seriously beautiful and i like the perspective of the first photo.

  3. Great picture of the fields and the women with the parasol.