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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Pay Attention to These When You Travel Overseas

There are many tips about chopsticks you should care about.But then you travelto Japan , never plug chopsticks in rice bowl.Japanese always associate the upright chopsticks and tombs .Before use the chopsticks you should be aware of which side is use to pick up food . Many countries , such as China , you will mistook as a misbehavior person if you use chopsticks to point to some one .

2.Visit Mosque
Anybody , no matter Muslim or not , shuold take off their shoes before setting foot in mosque . Traveller alse need to comply with the custom of Muslim : Males should in long shirt and long pants ; females shuold cover up thier bareness skin , although it's difference between district . Female must have a babushka around head . The babushka can be borrowed at the entry of the mosque .
Before you give someone flowers as a present , please make sure that the
bouquet is an odd number in Ukraine .Because the even number is for funeral .So as yellow flower and  easter lily do .


The train passengers are not allowed to stay ,  say goodbye  intimately or kiss
in Cheshire , UK . If really have lots to say or want to kiss , there is a special district named : Kissing Area for you .

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