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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Top 5 Food to Add Your Weight

As an old Chinese saying goes that :"The desire for food and sex is part of human nature", have the longing for delicious food is quite normal, bearing with no mistake at all. However, not all the food is healthy and fit for everyone, and even some food are totally junk food, providing no nutrition at all. So have you ever paid special attention to your food recipes? Are they healthy food? Do they offer enough energy or protein or other nutrition you need for your daily consuming? If you just favor those junk food, I have to say it is quite unlucky. Here I list the top 5 food which can make you fat, probably you can find the reason that you always fail to loose weight, more information can be found on Onlinechinatours.

Top 1 is chocolate biscuit, it is said 6 biscuits a day, one would be 14 kg heavier in a year.

To tell the truth, I myself cannot resist the temptation of such lovely cate, not only pleasant to my gustatory taste and also favorable to my visual sense.

How can you resist such food, oh, take your weight into consideration, just refuse, refuse and refuse.

Biscuits in the shape of heart, cute, lovely?

I only want to say if I were 10 ponds lighter, I would not have to consider too much.

Can you still persist in resisting?

Top 2 is chocolate bars, one bar a day, one would be 13 kg heavier in a year.

So lovely, no wonder so many people bearing the faith "losing weight" in their heart but still take chocolate bars everyday.

Chocolate bars and chocolate cake, which one can you resist?

Particularlydesigned chocolate bars

Top 3 is bottled juice, taking 500 ml every day, one would be 12 kg heavier a year.

Lovely packaging

Top 4 is ordinary cola, 375 ml a day, one would be 8 kg heavier a year.

Top 5 is beer, 375 ml a day, one would be 7 kg heavier a year.

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