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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Enjoy Wonderful View of Jiangxi in the Spring

March is well recognized in China as a romantic and sweet period, it is also the time when the nature presents its best to us.

Why do I select Jiangxi as the tour destination this time? You will understand as soon as you see the pictures below.

Wandering in such a picture, what else are you longing for? This is Wuyuan County, Jiangxi Province

Sanqing Mountain, one of the sacred mountains for Taoists, which is not far from Wuyuan. It is known both for the profound Taoist culture but also for various-shaped stones

Jingdezhen, a time-honored city for making china, this is the pic of ancient Fuliang Yamen, can you sense its dignity of the past?

Mt. Lushan, known for its waterfall, sea clouds, architectures

Fairy Lake (Xiannv Hu), which is recorded as the site which 7 fairies come down to earth

Ruijin--the cradle of Red Revolution

Mt.Dragon&Tiger, the holy site for practicing Taoism

Mt.Jinggang, besides known as a memory site for Chinese revolution, it also boasts of picturesque views

Mt.Wugong--grassland floating on the sky

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