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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ten Best Chinese Dating Sites for Wowen

Reason: Guilin is feminine, both the mountains and water are soft and gentle, meanwhile the people there are also melting.

There is a saying goes in China that " Montains and water in Guilin surpassed all the others in the world" 

Reason: Soft women are waiting for broad-minded men, Tibet is right the place for cultivating and nurturing such kind of men. At the same time, scenery and ornament in Tibet are all worth a visit.

Potala Palace in Lhasa,Tibet

Sea of flowers in Nyingchi, Tibet
Reason: It is a city fit for living a relaxed life, thanks for the weather here, Chengdu beauties are outstanding in whole China.
I am the most well-known Chengdu beauty, am I pretty? Look at my eyes, charming? There is a joke in China about me, it goes that " what's the biggest  desire of a panda?" Well, you have to guess the answer and tomorrow I will tell you in the comment bar.

Du Fu's Thatched Cottage in Chengdu, peaceful indeed

Reason: The longest beach can engender the most romantic story.
Hainan is the only province in China that all sits in tropical area, you can enjoy the tropical view there.

Reason: As a fast-developed city, men in Shanghai can be said to be the most gentle in China, date with a Shanghaiese, you can appreciate Chinese-style romance.
When referring to Shanghai, the Bund is usually the first image come to my mind. Cool to stand on the bridge to enjoy the view of the blue sea and the prosperous Shanghai.

Reason: Different from that flavor in Shanghai and that in Lhasa, you will always bear the feeling that you are only a passerby. Take your boyfriend here and have a short sweet life while touring around this beautiful city.
Different from what you've known about Lijiang before?

common view of Lijiang

7.Hong Kong
Reason: It is a strange city that is both secular and peculiar, and it is duty free there.
panorama of Hong Kong from Mt. Taiping

Reason: Blending with nature and beuty, it is a place for pondering and meditation.
multi-coloured pool

Reason: When sea breeze touch your face, walk on the boulevard, hand in hand with your lover, will you crave for more?

When refering to Hangzhou, Hangzhou beauties would first come into our mind, from views to custom, from architecture to characteristics, all present a flavor of " Oriental female beauty".

Lotus in the West Lake

Qiandao Island ( Thousand-isle Island)
Where do you want to go most with your lover or to find a Chinese lover?


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