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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Xidi and Hongcun in Anhui Province

In Anhui map, there are two small spot that is too small to notice, called Xidi and Hongcun respectively. However they are also places attracted masses of tourists all the year round, taking a bath in the showers in the springs, under the blue autumn sky, covering by the blurred mist in the morning, blanketed by the white snow, what can you expect more? In ancient Chinese poem, these two villages were most beautiful and especially in the drizzle. More information can be seen on Onlinechinatours.
Hongcun blanketed in the mist

In sunny days, Hongcun depicts another view: green, tranquil and peaceful

Do you feel it is a scene can only be seen in a picture?

Wandering along the river, you would definitely clean up your mind and enjoy the peace here.

How wonderful it may be in the summer when all the lotus are in full bloom!
In the winter, when those reed are withered, and thin snow cover the roof and the pond, the villiage seems more quite and clean, as if it is just washed by the god. 

In spring, when willows are flourishing, taking a photo under such a scene is, wow, perfect.

The residences are ranked orderly along the river

Xidi, rape flower

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