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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ancient Chinese Calligraphy

Before the invention of pen, gel ink pen and ball-point pen, ancient Chinese use writing brushes when drawing and writing, adding a particular bright appearance to oriental culture, and also leaving quite a number valuable treasure to the whole nation.
Writting brushes, different types of brushes have different usage

Inkstone, there are different carved inkstones, some among them are rarities nowadays, the top2 inkstones in China are Duan Inkstone and She Inkstone.

Besides on books and drawings, Chinese calligraphy is generally seen on fans as decorations as well as on couplets in houses. According to character style, there can be classified into cursive script, regular script, small seal style, etc, just as arial, corbel in English writing.

Chinese calligraphy can often be seen on ancient Chinese folk houses

Chinese painting scrolls

calligraphy on a fan

cursive script by the first chairman of China--Mao Zedong
Sth. in detail about Chinese calligraphy can be seen on onlinechinatours, go and have a look if you are interested in Chinese calligraphy.


  1. This is so nice ! I started Chinese Painting lesson about 6 months ago and it has been a good experience.
    Do I like my job? I work in the factory for 10 years before I went into teaching for 18 years and everytime I walk into a classroom, I still feel excitement; so I guess I like my work. Glad you like yours and I am sure especially colleagues and job content of yours is quite exciting in travelling. I have only visited Beijing twice and that was on teaching assignment. I sure hope to visit China of so many places in the future ! and for photography, maybe you can help when the time comes ...

  2. any language is an artform, but chinese calligraphy goes beyond the norm and becomes art unto itself. :)

  3. Beautiful story and pictures about ancient Chinese calligraphy!