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Monday, May 30, 2011

A Well-known Place for Lovers--Xiamen

Xiamen is a widely recognized place fit for lovers. Gulangyu, filled with small endowment emotional appeal, would definitely give you the feeling that you are in a Shangri-la. Xiamen University, where emerges quite a lot romantic love stories, is a paradise for a bachelordom to conceive a feeling of longing to love and be loved so as not to let down such beautiful atmosphere, meanwile, it is also a place for lovers to strengthen their love relationship. This is where your dream begins. Further information can be found on Onlinechinatours.
Xiamen, Fujian Province

Do you feel like to spend a night in one of these houses?

Gulangyu, Yachts on the sea

Green gaden in the south China

Look at the palace on the top of the stone moutain, is it cool?

Xiamen University

As oneof China's best universities, Xiamen university enjoys both the high-qulity teaching facilities and the best environment.

Coconut Tres surrounding the whole campus

If I were studied here, I would......

Clean lake and tranquil water

Sweet lovers

Are these three swans also falling in love?

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