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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

9 Cool and Refreshing China Montains to See in Dragon Boat Festival

With the approching of traditional Chinese festival--the Dragon Boat Festival, increasing number of people are planning their tour during the short holiday. Here I make a brief introduction of 9 well-known summer resorts, namely 9 cool and refreshing China mountains for your choice, and if you want to get detailed information, you can see Onlinechinatours.
The first one is Mt. Huangshan in Anhui Province, the picture above is one of the four features of Huangshan Mountain: fantastic rock peaks 

Sea of clouds. The clouds are dyed pink, romantic, right?

Wonderous Pines: Guests-greeting pine


The 2nd mountain is Mt. Jigong in Henan Province

Clouds in the peaks

Thick mist blanketed the whole mountain

Huge rocks in the mountain

The third one is Mt. Lushan in Jiangxi Province

Mt. Lushan and Poyang Lake in the sunset

Shaping like a girl thinking, it is named" Sichunnv'" in Chinese, namely, a girl is waiting for her lover.
The fourth one if Mt. Taibai, Jiangxi Province

Dense mist

The 5th one is Mt. Emei, in Sichuan Province

The stone reads" As for the elegance, Mt. Emei ranks the first".

Number 6: Mt. Mogan, Zhejiang Province, they are picking the tea leaf

View from the top of the mountain

Give a feast to your eyes of a whole picture of green
No. 7: Mt. Putuo, Zhejiang Province

It is one of the four sacred moutains in Buddhist worship

No 8: Mt. Tianmu in Zhejiang Province

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