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Monday, June 20, 2011

Gansu--A Jewel on the Silk Road

Besides Chines mother river-Yellow River, Gansu also boasts a period of the world-famous Silk Road.
Tianshui, a poetic name, it is a city of numerous honourable reputation, and it is also the first stop of Silk Road in Gansu Province.

When entering into Fuxi Temple, the rosy clouds of dawn and the lightening candles reminded me that it was the birthplace of Chinese civilization.

It is not a famous tourist city, while it is the birthplace of China's tourism logo "Galloping Horse Treading on a Flying Swallow".
Santaoche is peculiar local snack in Wuwei, Santaoche namely a cup of tea, a plate of meat and a bowl of noodles, making me taste the feeling of the thousand year long Silk Road.
the gate still remains the demeanor of yesterday

the sculpture of Galloping Horse Treading on a Flying Swallow

Hand your lover, take a walk in such a sunset

Santaoche, actually, my photoes didn't well record the appearance of Santaoche, you can have a taste by yourself if you have accquired such an opportunity.

Zhangye is another key stronghold in Silk Road, though with thousand year's passing by, large Buddhist temple and the wooden tower still stand there, telling people the passing history.
If go there in the end of Spring and the beginning of Summer, the wide range of rape flowers will feast your eyes.

Clean water and nutrient grass feed horses well

It is more like a picture than a phote, right?

The scene is quite different from moist South China 

persistent stones

Year after year, wind and rain help reshape these stones, if you are attentive enough, you can see various shaped stones, some like virgin, some tower, and some trees, go to see by yourself.

It is a city known for its impregnable pass, and it is born for the Great Wall.
Are they remains of ancient walls, or just stones?

Winding Great Wall going through this mountain, it is definitely a good place to enjoy the Great Wall while evading crowds.

Standing in a higher place, you can have a differnet view

Seeing the Great Wall?

the grand gate

Climbing up the Great Wall at the top of the mountains and have a panorama.

As a landmark of the culture and history of Silk Road, it is still highly recommended by tourist handbook.
Getting out of Dunhuang, I am on the way to the next Wonder Way.
I know I should keep silent to give you enough time to appreciate these amazing scenes.

When I was there, I cannot even speak out a word to express my astonishment

these vegetations are indomitable and finally they survive in the desert, hope that one day, they can spread their roots to largers scale in the desert.

it is quite different experience to see sunrise in the desert 

lonely beacon tower keeps guiding this area

beacon tower

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