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Saturday, June 18, 2011

One Day in Zhouzhuang

As one of the most famous water townships in China, Zhouzhuang locates only 30 kilometers southeast of Suzhou. The town occupies an area of half a square kilometer, and 60 percent of the blocks were built during the year from 1368 to 1911. This town was donated to Full Fortune Temple by Zhou Digong in 1086, and got its present name as a memorial of the donor. The well-preserved ancient residence, the elegant watery views, the profound cultural background and the strong traditions made up the noted Zhouzhuang. You can take a gondola and watch the breathtaking sights one by one.
The transportation to Zhouzhuang is quite convient, no matter from Shanghai or Suzhou, it only costs 1 hour.

First impression of the water town

Wansan Pig Feet is a famous local snack here, about 15 yuan each. On entering Zhouzhuang, you can see many stores selling Wansan Pig Feet, you can buy some and make your own judgement of the taste.

Have a rest on the river side and pose to take photoes.

If you want to have a stay at Zhouzhuang, Youth Hostel is a good choice, cheap and clean

Typical Chinese hall

A sculpture of Shen Wansan, a rich and philanthropic man. It is said those who can throw coins into his cornucopia will be rich in the future. I tried but failed.

Inside of the house is cool

Take a ship to tour along the river will be of great fun

There are many stores selling souvenir, I bought some, putting in my house as decorations.

Road sign

victualing houses there

Zhouzhuang in the night is of particular charm

If time limited, I would like to spend a night here, but I didn't fulfill my wish, I have to go back. If you have high requirements for living condition, Shanghai or Suzhou are better choices. 

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