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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Gift on Father's Day

He cares about you since you were born in the world, he gives you almost everything he owns, he is happy if you are happy, and worried when you are in trouble. His name is "Father". In your early childhood, no one else can be more brilliant, no body exceeds him in  knowledge scope, he is omnipotent. He gives you key guidance in the process of your growing up, he tells you not to cry when falling down, he strictly says standing up bravely and facing the coming challenge and difficulities.
With days passing by, he is older and older, and he isn't that helpful sometimes, his advice to some extent, out of date. As you gradually learn more, you finally find that your father is not so brilliant. You become self-satisfied and unawarely, you think that you are mature enough to manage your own business, your father no longer plays that important role in your life.
When you build up a small family with your lover, you go back to see your parents once or twice a month. And finally one day, white hair appears in his head, his movements are not as nimble as before, while some of his suggestion still works in your work.
As the approaching of Father's Day, speak out your love for him, and your small gift, a hand-made cup, a painting or just watching a movie with him can make him happy for several days. If you have spare time, go to onlinechinatours to book a tour for your whole family maybe better, since it provides you more time to stay together and enjoy world wonders together. No matter where you are and how busy you are, frequently go home to chat with your parents, they need you. Wish all the parents healthy and happy.
He is merry for your birth
Can you recall such a sweet memory?
There, you and your father enjoyed the magnificent sunset in the seaside, your attention is on the sun, while his, you.
Still remember when he hands you home to have dinner?
You must remember this scene that you are the tallest when you are only 4 or 5.
Though your father have a glass on his face, it is not difficult to see that you resemble him much, esp, your eyes.
He is always so energetic
Your father leads you in the road towards success, still remember?
Lean on his back is the happiest matter in the world, but I am afraid you haven't done it for years.

OK, take a walk after lunch is good for your health.

The first time talk to him as an adult

In your graduation ceremony, he is so happy and proud, from now on, you have to live by your own and be even more independent.

Kiss him often and don't mean to tell him" I love you".

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