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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Top 10 China Universities

With the ending of China college entrance examination, the list of China universities again becomes catching, and more and more students tend to have a look at their longing universities. As the approching of summer break, want to bring your children to China to experience typical and complete Chinese style education? Grasp this chance to fulfill your dreams. Here listed top 10 China universities for you. More information can be got from Onlinechinatours.

1.Beijing University

stele of "Peking University"

Unknown Lake in Peking University

Gym for Beijing 2008 Olympic Game in Peking University 

2.Tsinghua University

main gate for Tsinghua

a pond in Tsinghua

a road covered with maple

3.Fudan University

main gate for Fudan in the past

the grassland in Fudan

river running across a modern building

4.Renmin University of China

a university named after people

the statue of the founder

5.Zhejiang University

a statue of leader

6.Nanjing University

main gate for Nanjing University

plants dancing with architecture

7.University of Science and Technology of China

lions as housekeeper

a fishing man in the campus

8.Shanghai Jiaotong University

main gate of Jiaotong University

a architecture with western style

a garden in the campus

9.Beijing Normal University

the No.1 normal university 

10.Nankai University
the school of Zhou, the first premier of China

statue of founder of Nankai 

fountain in the campus

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