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Friday, June 24, 2011

Top 5 Fishing Village in the World

We all love wonderful sceneries, no matter steep mountains, tranquil waters, distinctive architectures, etc, can give us a fresh feeling out of the crowded this mortal life. Today I will introduce 5 fishing village, they are world-widely known for their distinctiveness, some are secluded from the world, some are almost Internatinal metroplis, while some still keep the peculiarity of fishing village. Let's share some photoes of these fishing villages.
1.Cinque Terre,Italy

Cinque Terre,Italy , a good place for sea view
2.Tai O, Hong Kong

Tai O, Hong Kong, still maintains the features of a fishing village
3. Mina,Vietnam

well, a big and bright-coloured shrimp
4.Doha, Qatar

it is more a metropolis than a fishing village nowadays villages aroung the North Sea, Netherlands
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