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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Share Some Interesting Pics in China with You

There is always something interesting happened beside us, the point is whether we can fully appreciate them, just as the sentence by Rodin--a well-known French sculpturer goes that "Life lacks no beauty, but lacks the eyes for beauty". If in an optimistic mind, you can not only warmly hug the beautiful sides of life but also accept the black sides of the world, do remember that smile to life more, it will pay back. Well, the pics below are not of any artistic beauty, but only reflections in some areas in China, maybe some of you have really chanced such scenes in your China tour. Some of you may bring you more pondering than laughters.
map of China, how many interesting things will happen in such a large scale place--over 9.6 million sq. km?

This is a pic some years ago, the uncle (maybe grandpa is better?) tired the redio on his head, saving the trouble to buy a headset. Clever? like this idea?

Can you still recognize it is a tractor? a real home-made tractor, but can it really run on the road?

a mix of modern and ancient, actually I don't know what's the purpose of this show, just to demonstrate sharp contrast?

Cool wedding ceremony, hold on bucket of front-loader. The bridgroom, Mr. Zhang Zongqiang is from Pingdingshan, Henan Province. The bride Ms. Ye comes from Shaanxi Province, yes, right the site of Terra Cotta Warriors.

A wannabe Lambourghini made at home, cost the designer/maker more than US$3000, he was a middle school graduate,  born in 1985, as a truck driver in Linwu County, Chenzhou, Hunan Province. Want to make one of your own?

At first sight of a small pic, I didn't realize is there any unusual things, while when I magnify the pic, I cannot help laugh, it is really a car full of greens, what does the driver want?

A closer look at the car, unbelievable?
 Hope these pics can bring you a good mood the whole day. Do you smile or lost in pondering after seeing all these pics? There is still one thing I have to mention that it is not a common scene in China, I wish these pics will not mislead you to regard China as a country full of such funny while to some degree, unacceptable "strange things".


  1. i've always enjoyed taking pictures of street scenes when traveling to new places. thanks for sharing these images. the last two photos make me lol.

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