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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Magic World-Lijiang

Well, it is nice to have a relax after several monthes' work, as for the destination where to go, we spent large sum of time to discuss, and finally we made our mind to visit Lijiang. Though South China is facing heavy rain, Lijiang is always sunny during our tours there. Lijiang is a prefecture-level city in the northwest of Yunnan Province, China, which occupying an area of 21,219 square kilometres (8,193 sq mi) and a population of over 1 million.

The world famous Old Town of Lijiang, a UNESCO Heritage Site is right located in Lijiang City. The town has a history going back more than 800 years and was once a confluence for trade along the old tea horse road. The Lijiang old town is famous for its orderly system of waterways and bridges.

well, when back, to arrange these masses of photos is really a complicated work, just like the net hanging on the roof, what's it used for? confused.

It is not the peak season in visiting Lijiang, so you can see it is quiet on the street, preventing so much noises and crowds.

also a tourist, like us, she is beautiful, while I dare not to ask her as my model, pity!

these hats are commonly seen on stores in Lijiang, it is cool, I think.

a hotel, can you believe?so classically decorated

a Naxi nationality boy, he guarded us for half a day, who telling us interesting stories and carefully intrducing the sights along the way. 

Wow, take a photo with the Naxi boy, he is tall and erudite.

Verdant trees dotted along the road

you see their clothes and hats? Somewhat different from Han nationality dress, the basket on her back is also interesting, it is the first time I've seen it.

scrawlling on the wall, if I tell you they are words, will you believe?

a little beauty in a long dress, such kind of dress is so popular here and it does in harmony with the natural scenery.

I like corn, good to enjoy sunshine wile doing small dealings

it is different from some crowded Chinese scenic spots, isn't it?

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, have you ever seen such decorations of a bank in other cities? I think it is decorated in this way so as to be looked more harmonious with the buildings around.

tired, have a rest under the willow is not a bad idea

“一米阳光”,a novel by Hai Yan, a famous novelist in China, it is the name of his novel, and the photography place of that TV series are mostly chosen in Lijiang. This  “一米阳光" is a bar, however, though occupying not a large area, it is favored by tourists, maybe it is for the name.
take another photo of this bar in another point of view

restaurants along the river, to have dinner in the seats close to the window, having delicious local snacks while enjoying the scenery outside seems a nice idea.

foreign tourists, you see, long dresses like that of the girl in the above photoes

how can the water keep so clean?

as a gastronome, I will not miss the typical local snacks, so colourful, which one do you like to taste the most?

they are exquisite, we plan to buy some as souvenirs or gifts to friends when we leave

a common house

I am on the way

make a wish? will it come true?I like the scrawlings on the pillar, creative

sculptures of Buddha

campfire evening, I can enjoy their performance while chat with my new friends

cappas, I dare not to try such kind of bright colours
Shuhe Ancient Town

the next morning, we started our way to Shuhe Ancient Town

maybe it is because we went there too early, there are few people

so relaxed here for days, while it is time to back


  1. Magic Days,
    Lijiang Ancient Town is a distributing center of northwest Yunnan and the product area of handcrafts; therefore, you can buy the local products of southwest China in here. And the Square Street is the most traditional shopping places.

  2. yes, if you yourself have an opportunity to China, besides Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, etc, you can also go to Lijiang to enjoy the quiet and magic world!

  3. Thanks for these magnifics photos!

  4. well, I am glad that you like them, I will continue to update more HQ Chinese photos. Many thanks for your comment.