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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Top 10 Unbelievable Bridges in the World

Bridges, the transport junction in early times, were now entering a new era, they well blend new technology and science, their shapes are not that dull and united, all around the world, there emerge a number of fantastic bridges.
1. the longest bridge spanning over the sea--Hangzhou Bay Bridge (China)

It is at a length of 35.673 km, since its construction, it has contributed a lot for the economy of Yangtze Delta, shortened the distance from Shanghai to Ningbo from 4 hours to 2.5 hours. The analysis of whether it is possible to build cost 10 years, not until 2008 did it officially opened to the traffic.

2. the one can make fountain--Banpo Bridge (South Korean)

It was completed expansion on September 9, 2008, on the two sides of the bridge, there installed 10,000 fountain mouthes which attracted quite a few visitors to enjoy the fountain.

3. The highest transportation bridge--The Millau Viaduct (France)

South of France, the Millau Viaduct stands at a height of 342 m (1125 feet), just like sth. flying high in the sky. It is even higher then Eiffel Tower, takes 3 years to build. Standing on the bridge and look down at the river valley is quite sth. different, esp, when there is dense mist. Its average height is 245 m, I am shocked whenever see its pic.

4. The most dynamic Pedestrian Bridge--Hudson Corrugated (Singapore)

At a height of 36 m, the Hudson Corrugated bridge is the highest pedestrian bridge in the world, the bellows-like design is definitely a shock to eyes.

5. a bridge can roll--Rolling bridge (Great Britain)

Rolling bridge? Yes, I am sure I am not typing wrong words. It is in common appearance with other bridges when there is no vessel, but when a vessel goes through the river, you will find sth. interesting, the bridge can be rolled up into a ring-shaped, leaving some space for the ship for there are hydraulic pumps to help complete the process of rolling.

6. World’s First X-shaped Cable Stayed Bridge with two crossed lanes--Oliveira Bridge (Brazil)

The Bridge spans over the Pinheiros River in S?o Paulo, Brazil, opened in May 2008, in a height of 138 metres (450-ft), and connects Marginal Pinheiros to Jornalista Roberto Marinho Avenue. Its uniqueness lies in that the 2 curved decks of the bridge cross each other through its X-shaped supporting tower.

7. Chinese Dong ethnic group distinctive bridge--Wind and Rain Bridge (China)

The Wind and Rain Bridge can be regarded as one of the most representative architecture of the Dong minority people, which lies in Guangzhou Province. Its length is over 50 m, constructed in 1894, in the Qing dynasty, while destroyed in 1959 by fire and in 1964, the reparation was finished. It is a pure wooden architecture made up of pillars, purlins and balusters of different sizes and shapes and curved with patterns of strong Chinese characters.

8. Most well-known and magnificent Victorian Bridge--Tower Bridge (UK)

Completed in 1894, Tower Bridge has already been a landmark of London. It is at a length of 800-ft and has a 28-ft clearance when closed and can reach a maximum clearance of 140-ft to allow ships to pass down the Thames when raise in the centre.

9. Largest Water Bridge in Europe--Magdeburg Water Bridge (Germany)

Connecting the former East and West Germany over the Elbe River, the bridge can be regarded as part of the unification project, which is as long as 918 m.

10. The collection of hotchpotch--Ponte Vecchio (Italy)

As one of the most famous tourist spots in Italy, the bridge is thought to be the oldest wholly-stone built, segmental arch bridge in Europe, it was originally built of wood until destroyed by floods in 1333, and twelve years later it was rebuilt, while the main material turns into stone. It is well-known for its lining of shops, which can make you feel that everybody is from Medieval ages.


  1. Excellent and spectacular pictures of bridges, I like everyone.

  2. such interesting designs and incredible engineering.

  3. Interesting, I have only visited the Tower bridge.


  4. Great post! Most beautiful is #7.

  5. Hello Chinatours!
    You have put wonderfull bridges all over the world.
    They all are super, but I've never saw nr. 4. :DD

    The most sweetiest is nro 10.
    But ll are interesting. Thank you.

  6. What thought was put into these bridges,they are all awesome!Thank-you for sharing,phyllis