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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

15 Most Useful Chinese Phrases in China Travel

Knowing some Chinese in your China tour will definitely do a lot of help to you, esp, those short and necessary phrases in daily conversation.
1.Chinese Conversation (Pinyin): nǐ hǎo
  Chinese Characters: 你好
  English meaning: How are you?/ Hello/ Hi

Are you wondering how to say "hello" to the locals?
2. Chinese Conversation (Pinyin): xiè xiè
   Chinese Characters: 谢谢
   English meaning: Thanks/ Thank you

3. Chinese Conversation (Pinyin): qǐng 
   Chinese Characters: 请
   English meaning: Please

4. Chinese Conversation (Pinyin): zài jiàn 
   Chinese Characters: 再见
   English meaning: Bye

5. Chinese Conversation (Pinyin): nǐ néng bāng wǒ mɑ?
   Chinese Characters: 你能帮我吗?
   English meaning: Can you help me?

6. Chinese Conversation (Pinyin): dǎo yóu
   Chinese Characters: 导游
   English meaning: travel guard

7. Chinese Conversation (Pinyin): lǚ xíng shè
   Chinese Characters: 旅行社
   English meaning: travel agency

8. Chinese Conversation (Pinyin): wǒ xiǎng qù...
   Chinese Characters: 我想去...
   English meaning: I want to go to ...

9. Chinese Conversation (Pinyin): duō shǎo qián
   Chinese Characters: 多少钱
   English meaning: How much? (It can be used when you want to buy sth.)

10. Chinese Conversation (Pinyin): wǎng...zěn me zǒu?
    Chinese Characters: 往... 怎么走?
    English meaning: How can I reach...? (It can be used when you want to go somewhere while don't know the way)

11. Chinese Conversation (Pinyin): zěn me zuò chē?
    Chinese Characters: 怎么坐车?
    English meaning: Which bus can I take to reach there?

12. Chinese Conversation (Pinyin): yào shōu mén piào mɑ?
    Chinese Characters: 要收门票吗?
    English meaning: Asking for entrance ticket?

13. Chinese Conversation (Pinyin): zài nǎ chī fàn?
    Chinese Characters: 在哪吃饭?
    English meaning: Where can I have my breakfast/ lunch/ dinner?

14. Chinese Conversation (Pinyin): rèn shí nǐ men zhēn gāo xìng.
    Chinese Characters: 认识你们真高兴.
    English meaning: It's my honor to know you/ Nice seeing you.
Chinese are usually friendly, they like to be friends with you, though most of the Chinese know some foreigh languages now, if you can speak some Chinese, you will soon be closer to them.

15. Chinese Conversation (Pinyin): wǒ hěn xǐ huan...
    Chinese Characters: 我很喜欢...
    English meaning: I like/ love ... much

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  1. 我很喜欢 ! ... great to visit Chinese Speaking countries as a Chinese living outside of China ! Sometimes, I feel very at home around so many Chinese billboards and advertisements on the street in China, HongKong, and Taiwan !