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Monday, July 25, 2011

Legendary Chinese Super Girls

Since 2004, Super Girls by Hunan television station were put on TV, talent show program has quickly been prevalent in China.

The Super Girls in 2005 was almost a milestone in Chinese TV program, when several girls coming out from the public and even make the whole world know that there are super girls in China. The best representative is probably Li Yuchun, who is a superstar in Chinese music, movie, fashion, business and charity drive, creating a new era of superstar in mainland China. She was once been the cover girl in Time (Asian editon) and be crowned by BBC that Li Yuchun (Yuchun Li) is a good representative of China's Pop Music.

Since then, almost every year, Super Girls (in 2009, renamed as Happy Girls), would definitely won unbelievable audience ratings. Now, the 2011 Happy Girls are on the air. Now  you can also watch TV live online.

Super Girls, an "American Idol" knockoff, aiming at girls over 18, though there are always rumors and gossips about these girls (it is certainly that the TV station want to attract more audiences, they have to make new and controversial topics), it is indeed a good platform for normal girls to show their ability and realize their dreams and also an ideal place for fairly competition.

There are always more than 5 sites of competition in mass-election, like Chengdu, Changsha, Shenyang ( a good place for China travel, esp in summer and winter), Guangzhou, Xi'an and Hangzhou, in some years, Nanjing, Wuhan, etc, are also sites for mass-election. The final competition is always in Changsha (as you may know that Changshan is the provincial capital of Hunan Province, where Hunan television station stands).

All in all, I like these super girls, they are brave enough to face the rumors and gossips towards them, and I think it is also good to provide such a chance to enable those girls to show themselves. Bring out the best of yourself, Girls! Best wishes for you. By the way, I like Li Yuchun (a competitor in 2005), Yu Kewei (a competitor in 2009), and Liu Xin, Yu Jiali in 2011, the result of the 2011 competition hasn't come out yet, wish they can sing well on all the left competitions. Do believe yourself that " I am super girl".

Here show you some super girl pictures.
Top 12 players of 2011 Happy Girls

In the site of competition

Newyork Times: reports of Li Yuchun, this pic shows the excited fans of Li Yuchun. Where am I? Well, I am a calm fans, though I really love her, I wouldn't be so crazy and I even would not to vote to super girls, only keep them in my heart.

Li Yuchun

Yu Kewei, I like the song  “指望”of her much, you can have a listen and I am sure, you will like her sweet and clean voice.

Liu Xin

Yu Jiali
Do you have a favorite star, a movie star, a singer or a sports player, who do you like best? Well, by the way, I think it is not bad to have an idol, while at the same time, one has to be sane about one' s own doings, do not make yourself be out of mind.


  1. 都不认识 ! LiYuChun 是 李宇春吗 ?
    每位女歌手都年轻漂亮, 为什么没有男歌手呢 ?

  2. i do think these tv competition shows can make stars out of normal, every day folks that have talent. but it can be a very fast ride to stardom and i hope they are ready for the fans and how fickle they can be.

    i admire a lot of performers and actors but don't idolize any of them really. i do appreciate when they give some of their wealth to charity and treat their fans with respect. :)

  3. Well, yes, I do agree with TexWisGirl that these competition shows are very fast ride to stardom, while if they are indeed of high talents, they can be still outstanding, I think.

    Yes, LiYuChun 是 李宇春. As for the question that "为什么没有男歌手呢", please pay attention that this competition show is called "Super Girls", if it is called " Super Boys" there will be definitely boys.

    Thanks for your comment.