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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Top 10 Widely-accepted Sites for Marriage

1. Italy
It is noted both for picturesque view, profound culture and the romantic story--Romeo and Juliet, esp. the former residence of Juliet, which situated at the center of Verona.

2. France
Provence, known for vast span of lavender, accquired the name from the movie The Horseman on the Roof, long been regarded as a romantic paradise.

3. Brazil
The white sandbeach in Rio de Janeiro has been one of the top attractions in Brazil, the Brazilian believed that the God spent 6 days in creating the world and the seventh day in making Rio de Janeiro.

4. Portugal
North of the capital of Portugal situated a city, called Obidos, has been used as a marriage gift, hence it is also known as "marriage city". All the Portuguese and even the most lovers in the world consider it as the start of a marriage.

5. Germany
Kolner Dom in Germany is a sacred defender of marriage, where lovers are believed able to receive God's blessing.

6. Britain
Stratford City, the mothertown of Shakespeare, is the place giving much inspiration to the talented genius. It will be a must-see when going for the 2012 Olympic.

7. Morocco
Casablanca--a white city in Spanish, is situated in Morocco, not only featured for the wonderful view, but also for the Hollywood movie--Casablanca.

8. Greece
Go to Athens to find traces of Eros.

9. Czech
The capital city--Prague, featured by numerous towers, wandering on Charles bridge, you will easily find lovers talk, hug and kiss.

10. Republic of Korea
Chejudao is constantly full of romantic atmosphere, noted for two themes: love and mystery.

Is there still anyone in your motherland worth of mentioning while not appear in this text? Leave me a message and I will make a choice and add them on.


  1. Great pictures, I have only visited two of these places.


  2. 可怜的我,十个景点, 一个也没去过 ...