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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Traditional Chinese Embroidery Shoes

Though the majority of Chinese choose to wear sports shoes or leather shoes daily nowadays, they are not traditional Chinese products however, in the history, the diligent Chinese ancestors made shoes themselves. During various shoes they wore in the old days, like straw sandals, boots, etc, the embroidered shoes are definitely the brightest star, and it has been a key part of Chinese culture, both nice to see and also comfort to wear. Here share with you some pics of embroidered shoes:

this kind of shoes can still be found and suit for new married couples  

embroidery shoes in the Qing Dynasty

shoes for children

diligent crafts woman

not only nice to see, but also comfort to wear

want to have a try on such a pair of shoes?


  1. they are very beautiful, and look quite comfortable, too. maybe for more indoor wear than out in the elements :)

  2. How soecialk and colourful these shoes, I would certainly buy one.


  3. All of them are beautiful,thank-you for sharing them,phyllis

  4. Very nice documentary ... I must tell you being a Chinese migrant in another country, these traditions are fading !

  5. Wherever you are, whatever situation you are in, for a Chinese, your are still deep rooted in China and we do welcome your coming back whenever you want. May these shoes bring you some old memories.