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Friday, January 13, 2012

Where to Go During Spring Festival

Kunming, a noted Chinese tourist destination, is an ideal place to enjoy natural scenes and cultural views. Due to its advantaged location, there is no severe coldness or hotness, but warm and pleasant all the year round, reputed as 'Spring City'.

The profound history, distinctive ethnic minority group culture and peculiar natural conditions have helped Kunming preserve numerous historical remains and scenic spots. Among all the scenes lying in green hills and blue waters, Stone Forests and Dian Lake are the most favored.

Every year during the Spring Festival, all the parks, small or large, are carefully decorated, in which, various kinds of activities are held, making it possible to fully understand local culture and custom. In the 2nd and 3rd days of the new year, there will be particular shows for foreign friends, like Square Dance, Hawaiian dance, etc.

Local operas show

The highlights of all the activities and is colored lanterns from Zigong, about 80,000 tulips, and bustling& hustling temple fair, which will not let you down definitely.


  1. I have heard about Kumming, it must be fantastic.


  2. really gorgeous place! the planted hills and the stone columns are wonderful!

  3. Thanks for recommendation! We will try to include Kunming in the cities we will visit on the time we can visit China at spring time!

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