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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Where to Go During Spring Festival

Owing to its particular location, Hong Kong enjoys warmer climate during the Spring Festival, making it an ideal choice for those favor both impressive traditional Chinese New Year atmosphere and delicious Chinese delicacies. Moreover, there will be great discounts in shopping malls.

As for customs in Hong Kong concerning Spring Festival, there are quite a lot distinctiveness from mainland style, for instance, they paste 'Huichun' instead of New Year scrolls or New Year pictures at home, though they maintain the same meaning. Lion playing and Dragon Lantern Dance are usually on show in the countryside of the New Territories and fireworks in Victoria Harbor on the second night of the new year. The third one is 'Lishi', bearing the connotation of 'lucky' 'auspicious'.

From Jan.17 to Feb.6, various kinds of parties will be started, like Spring Festival flower market opens on Jan.17-22, firework show on Jan.24, fancy car parade on Jan.23, traditional prayer day on Jan. 23-Feb.6, racing on Jan.25,etc.

Besides various activities, Hong Kong is also noted for kinds of delicacies, reputed as 'Paradise for Gastronome', as one saying goes like that, all delicacies gather in Hong Kong.

It is already 3 days to Chinese lunar New Year, Happy New Year!


  1. So nice to be on the streets of Hong Kong, the festivity is here in KL but celebration in cities predominantly chinese are so much more exciting !

  2. Wauw, the colours are impressive.