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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Excellent Hangzhou Attractions, Wonderful Hangzhou Tour!

As the capital of Zhejiang Province, Hangzhou attracts varieties of tourists every year, many world records are broken by Hangzhou attractions in China’s World Record Association. It is a beautiful city with a long history, now let’s learn about the hot attractions here.

Hangzhou West Lake
As a most famous attraction in Hangzhou, Hangzhou West Lake is a must go place. Named as “Heaven on Earth”, west lake becomes world famous because of its beautiful lakes and mountains, and many places of historic interest. Besides, a touching loving story legend about a man and a snake makes the west lake more charming and mysterious.

Lingyin Temple
Lingyin Temple is a famous one in Chinese buddhist monasteries. It is located between Feilai Feng and Beigao Feng, which make Lingyin Temple very quiet. Trees stand everywhere, Lingyin Temple proves to be a unique resort. If you come to Hangzhou, maybe it is an excellent place which can give you a different feeling.

Longjing Tea Village
Longjing Tea is famous all over the world, in Longjing Tea Village, you can experience Chinese tea culture. Here is a place full of tea garden, immediately you come here, green will capture your eyes. People live in the village have a slow pace, which is most different in city life, you can take a fresh breath and chat with the local people in a leisure state.

Qiantang River
Qiantang River is the biggest river in Zhejiang Province and originated in Anhui Province. On both sides of it contain extremely rich tourist resources, they form the province's most important travel route. The Qiantang River Tide is most famous among Zhejiang travel attractions, it has become a natural wonder among the world. In the annual lunar August 15, Qiantang River tide is the largest, currents up to several meters, if you come to Zhejiang , you can’t miss it!

Heaven on Earth, maybe you should come to Hangzhou city to experience the scenic beauty!

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