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Monday, May 30, 2011

Dragon Boat Festival

Chinese Dragon Boat Festival falls on May the fifth in the lunar calendar as a traditional festival for Chinese Han nationality. It was once a day for driving away demons and evils, but with the time passing by, it turns into a festival for eating zongzi, holding dradon boat racing competition, wearing wormwood and drinking realgar liquor. In China, it is well-known that dragon boat festival is for commemorating Qu Yuan, a respected patriotic poet, thus, the Dragon Boat Festival was once also called " Poet's Day".  Further information can be found on onlinechinatours.

Qu Yuan (about 339.B.C-278 B.C.), a well-known Chinese patriotic poet, to whom the Dragon Boat Festival is held

The folks are in splendid attire for the preparing of the dragon boat competition 

Intense dragon boat competition

Paper-cut of dragon boat

Traditional Chinese Zongzi, of which usually the main ingredient is rice, when making, you can add whatever you like into the Zongzi, like ormosia, peanuts, meat, etc., to your own flavor.

Different color of the strings represent different meaning, varies from area to area.

the raw Zongzi and red dates, it seems that the owner intended to make some red date Zongzi.

Realgar Liquor

Aihu, usually worn by little kids, the tradition handed down believes that Aihu can drive away evil spirits and demons to protect the safty of young kid.

Artemisia argyi, the Chinese in the past usually have a bath with the water boiled with artemisia argyi, they believe in such way, one would not get skin allergy

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