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Monday, May 30, 2011

Top 10 Xiamen Food

In the ancient times, Xiamen Island was once named "Egret Island" for it is a place favored by egrets' perch, and it is commended by the former president of the United States  as the " Oriental Hawaii". Covering 1572 sq. km of its Land Area, and more than 300 sq. km in Sea Area, Xiamen is situated in the Subtropical areas, all the year round, the climate is mild, the scenery attractive and the environment tidy, thus it is a city of peculiar features as "the city and the sea add radiance and beauty to each other". It is also a paradise for gastronome, here listed the top 10 favorite snacks of Xiamen, and further information can be seen on Onlinechinatours.
Thin pastry

Fried noodles

Huang Zehe peanut soup, both delicious and good for health

the development process of Huang Zehe peanut soup

Chinese chives pastry

Decoct oyster

Shacha Noodles, pleasant not only in its flavor, but also its smell and appearance

Roast meat Zongzi

Tusun Jelly

Fish ball, so lovely that I 'm begrudged to eat

Fried Wu Xiang, to some degree, it is a bit like Spring Roll, which is also a traditional Chinese food, usually seen  in the Spring Festival

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