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Monday, May 30, 2011

Enjoy the Dragon Boat Festival on Chinese Beach

How do you plan to get to know more about China, Chinese culture and Chinese festival? To read, to watch movie, oh, no, just squeeze sometime to take yourself to the oriental mysterious paradise--China. As the Dragon Boat Festival is approching, come to China during this time, you can not only enjoy the wonderful scenery in these neither too hot nor too cold days but also grasp a good opportunity to get near to traditional Chinese festival and peculiar folk customs. So, wait for what, let's turn our desires into actions. Further information can be seen on Onlinechinatours.
Beidaihe Beach, Hebei Provinde

In sunny days, Beidaihe Beach is particularly attractive. Look, the blue sea, the golden beach and the soft breeze, want to go?

Numerous waterfowls playing in the beach

Sanya, Hainan Province

The stone reads" a pillar in the south regions", maybe in the underdeveloped times, people regatd this area as the end of the whole world, and the stone is rightly play the role of a mark.

A statue of Guanyin standing there elegantly

Shells and marine animals in the beach, are they enjoying the sun, or going out playing while forgetting the way back home? 

Dalian golden stone beach in Liaoning Province

A wonderful shade to get away from  the sun

The stone reads "golden stone beach", standing as the mark, telling tourists that they've already arrived at the amazing beach

A man-made beach which is situated in the south of the Bund, Shanghai 

Baicheng beach, Xiamen, Fujian Province

Scenes on Baicheng beach in the dusk

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