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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Favorite Chinese ten dishes to Foreigners

If you have been to China, no matter in which city, you will find the culture of Chinese food is really rich and various, almost every city has its own one or two unqiue dishes and special food ingredients. Here we collected and listed top ten popular Chinese dishes among foreigners, hope each of you will find your special one. Besides, before you settle down your itinerary, we highly suggest you have a talk with trip advisor of Onlinechinatours or Topchinatrip , he/she will find the most suitable food of China's for you.

Top Ten Favorite Chinese Ten Dishes to Foreigners
No.1 Sweet and Sour Fillet
No.2 Stir-fried diced chicken with peanuts and served with red chili sauce
No.3 Fried Leek Dumplings
No.4 Fried Rice
No.5 Bean curd with mince and chili oil (Mapo Tofu)
No.6 Dumplings
No.7 Wonton(a kind of dumplings, eating with soup)
No.8 Roast Duck
No.9 Fried Noodles
No.10 Fried Shrimps with Cashew Nuts

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