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Friday, May 27, 2011

Wild Elephant Valley

Wild Elephant Valley is the most fascinating tourist attractions of forest park to appreciate elephants activities in Xishuangbanna during your Chinese travel. It is situated in the south of Mengyang Nature Reserve in Yunnan, about 35 km from the state capital city-Jinghong, enjoying convenient transportation. The Wild Elephant Valley accquired its name for the frequently appearance of wile elephant, as it is favored even by those elephants in wild, it is needless to mention about the magical scenery, here share some pictures with you, and further information can be found on onlinechinatours.
What are you finding for?

Oh, look at the house

Lizard, can it be kept as a pet, how much would it eat in one day?

Birds in love are lovely

Wow, look at my performance, excellent, right?

I'm not intended to show my ivory

To swim one by one?  Oh, no, let's enjoy then moment together, darling, hurry up

Mom, I'm hungry

Let's find a shade, it is too hot here

I'm  the prettiest flower in the world, am I?

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