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Monday, June 27, 2011

5 Most Attractive Chinese Cities to Foreigners

Though different Chinese cities have their different features, and various regions boast various manners and customs, as for Chinese tourism, Beijing and Shanghai are the most favored destinations by foreigners. Maybe it is because that they enjoy high fame outside of China and the transportations there are convenient. While on the other hand, in Beijing, you can taste the profound culture remains blending well with modern science and technology, and in Shanghai, you can have a general view of the fast developed economy in China, the Bund and the Oriental Pearl Tower are must-see in Shanghai. Besides Beijing and Shanghai, there are also some other places widely known in the world and attract numerous tourists each year, here is a general list of top 5 cities in China to foreigners. More information on onlinechinatours.

Tian'anmen Square

Gymnasiums in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games: Water Cube and Bird's Nest

the Imperial Palace

the Oriental Pearl Tower at night

In Chengdu, you can, in spite of go sightseeing on old streets, you can also go to see lovely giant pandas. Meanwhile, Jiuzhaigou not far away from Chengdu is also a place worth visiting.
Giant pandas:I am tied, let's stop to rest


Qingdao is a city suitable for living and relaxing


ice sculpture in Harbin, if visit Harbin in winter, you can feast your eyes with wonderful ice sculpture and ice lamps.

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