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Monday, June 13, 2011

Spend Your Summer in Harbin

When most of China regions are covered by summer wave, northeast China immediately becomes a hot place for summer holidays, especially Harbin, which lies in the northeast most of China, featured by Taiyang Island, Northeast Tiger Forest Garden, Sidalin Park, etc.
Harbin Central Street

Forest Botanical Garden

Northeast Tiger Forest Garden

Tigers in the garden, showing no fear to the approaching of the bus

Jile Temple

European and Asian Style Garden

Saint Sophia Church

Night view of Songhua River

Taiyang Island

Recommended tour routes are Taiyang Island-Northeast Tiger Forest Garden-go Songhua River cruise-Central Street-Saint Sophia Church-Jile Temple; Taiyang Island-Sino-Japanese Friendship Park-Northeast Tiger Forest Garden-Forest Botanical Garden-European and Asian Style Garden. Detailed information can be seen at Onlinechinatours.

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