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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Graduation Photos

June and July are the graduating seasons in China, no matter in the first-class universities, like Beijing University, Tsinghua University, Renmin University of China, Zhongshan University, or second-class universities, such as Dalian University, Anhui Agricultural University (my mother university, though in my mind, it is quite a beautiful university, enjoying a history of more than 80 years--much longer than some well-known universities, I have to admit that it is not ranked as one of those best universities in China. Still, I want to say, I love her, thanks for her in these four years, I've learned much in these years and made many friends here), all the students wear academic dresses to take photoes, to draw a full stop to one's university life.
Beijing University

Beijing Film Academy, in such kind of universities, you can always find some beauties, which one do you think is the most beautiful?
Heilongjiang University: this pose is too common to make any comments, it seems all graduators have a photo in this pose, isn't it?
OK,the above several pictures are all in common poses, while don't you think they are too ordinary? Want to learn more interesting poses? The following photoes may satisfy your desire:
Dalian University: I think they are intended to imitate the pose in the One Thousand Hands Bodhisattva, while it is definitely they are failed
Anhui Agricultural University, can you make out where I am?

well, you are already graduated from university, why do you still wear red scarf? To commemorate the losing time?
well, if you know any Chinese words, you can read the humor of these students.

The other three are all English words, the third one reads"牛B", in Chinese, these two words mean sb. is quite excellent, while it is not always used by gentlemen or gentle girls

through special dealing, these two pictures give us interesting images, while the first one is more real, his face depicting a sense of being afraid, and the second one seems happy, is it your role to laugh?

hanging on the tree, similar to gosts? Pay attention to the second picture, she wears high-heeled shoes, how does she climb on the tree?

Guangzhou University: Chinese cheongsam, the boy sitting on the stair must be very happy to be surrounded by so many cheongsam dressed beauties, will it be interesting to dress cheongsam in the graduating ceremony and shake hands with the supervisor?

Zhongshan University: the one who takes this photo must be carefully selected, or it is too hard to shoot this moment. They are imitating Chinese Kungfu, I think

Zhongshan University: this suite and girls' dresses are the clothes in the the Republic of China (1912-1949)

Renmin University of China: I don't think you can grasp your hats when they falling down, can you?

Zhejiang Normal University: What do u want to do with that poor guy?

students in West Point, cheering for graduating
University of Michigan, who is the most outstanding in your eyes?

students in University of Arizona, they are more open than we Chinese students, to some extent, right?
Well, all in all, graduation photo is only a form to help you remember this period of time and call the end of your university life, no matter what poses you take and where you stand to take photos doesn't matter at all, just leave your beatiful smile to your school mates and your mother school, that's enough, agree?

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