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Monday, July 11, 2011

Jokes in Foreigners' Learning Chinese

With the development of China, Chinese learning is now favored by increasingly number of foreigh friends. Chinese is not useful in your trading with the Chinese, but also helpful when make a visit to China. While during the process of learning Chinese, there would make a lot of jokes just like we Chinese learning English at beginning. Below are several classical jokes in learning Chinese, have a look and wish you a happy mood all the day.
it is commonly agree that the earlier to learn a language, the better.

Dear Tim,
    shall by too dull doll by too jack won,
    dolphin long can Jim shall by too low,
    shall by too when dull low, doll car low,
    dolphin long doll Ham Eason
    "more power!"

Can you understand what he trying to say? If you plan to make a breakthrough from English language learning side, I'm afraid you will never fully grasp this "letter", it is a note of a foreign student in Chinese class, the right form of the note should be

It is a small story, briefly means in the second day, a small rabbit went to play in a big rabbit's house, while a timber wolf saw the small rabbit, meanwhile, the small rabbit smell the scent o the wolf and ran away, the timber wolf cried out "don't run away".
tones in Chinese are especially important, the two sentences in the picture well explain the reason, “水饺”and“睡觉”are quite different, if mis-pronounced, there would be great misuderstandings. 

Quite different from what you've guessed before, right? The writer wholly record this story in similar pronounced English words, maybe this note can only be understood by himself.

One more joke about breakfast (zaodian)

First, I'd make you know breakfast in China is always called "zao dian"(早点), while "zao dian" has another meaning in Chinese, "be earlier". If you've grasped this explanation, read the following story:
Foreign friend A: You Chinese is indeed an industrious nation"
Chinese B:"How do you know?"
A:"Every morning, when I went across the street, I can always see the signboard reading :"Zao Dian", isn't it a means to warn you be earlier?"

Well, if you are a beginner of Chinese learning, you must also be confused by the complexity in the meaning of Chinese characters, since one character in Chinese can make different meanings when it used together with some other characters. For example:“发”is a character regarded as auspicious by most Chinese, as it can make phrases with “财”(fortune), “发财”means "be wealthy", while when used together with “烧”(heat),“发烧”means "get a fever", definitely, everyone wants to be healthy and wealthy, no one like to be sick and ill. Interesting Chinese characters, aren't they?

this is an article"merrying Christmas" of a 7-year old Chinese student, can you understand?
Here, I would like to teach some basic and helpful Chinese characters in daily life:
“你”nǐ: you, your;
“他”tā: he;
“她”tā: she, her;
“它”tā: it;
“中国”zhōng guó: China
“汉字”hàn zì: Chinese characters
“你好”nǐ hǎo: hello, can be used in daily greetings
“吃饭”chī fàn: have dinner
“出去玩”chū qù wán: play outside
“旅游”lǚ yóu: travel, tour

For more useful information about Chinese characters and helpful China tour information, you can go to surf the Internet or just follow the blog, I will make update daily.

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