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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Top 4 Tourist Attractions for Students in the Summer Holiday

As for recommending Chinese scenic spots for students in the Summer Holiday, we have to take their likes and dislikes into consideration, after carefully selecting, we choose 4 destinations among masses China tourist attractions. These four destinations are not only of wonderful natural scenery, new and exciting tour experience to incite their interests, but also of profound Chinese characteristics.

Though Guilin is not a new tourist attraction in China, as it has already been a classic scenic spot among youths, while there added quite a few new tourist attractions in recent years. There are spots for leisurely enjoying the holiday, while there are also breathtaking activities, it remains a hot destination for young tourists.
Go Lijiang River cruising may be not fresh anymore, but have you tried cruising in bamboo raft in Yulong River--noted as "the most beautiful tributary of Lijiang River". On the raft, you may sense the feeling of primitive, listen to the folk songs while appreciating various mountains along the riverside. Besides, in some appointed area, you can also go a water fight.

rent a raft and go cruising on the river, enjoyable!

grand view in the dusk

Riding a bike to enjoy the 10-Li Art Gallery is a new item, the 10-Li Art Gallery is situated in the Moon Mountian of Yangshuo, boasting the picturesque scenery. It is said once the former U.S.president Carter changed his original plan to visit on bus to ride a bike, the local authorities are enlightened, and pathes for riding are exclusively built.

Travel tips:
Transportation: there are airlines to directly to Guilin
Food and Snacks: Osmanthus soup, sasanqua, Chinese chestnut zongzi, assorted Liangfen, fried fish, fried crab, wormwood glutinous rice cake, etc.
Accommodation: accommodation is convenient there, you can stay in a mall hotel or the family hotel nearby.

Don't be confused at beginning, yes, Hainan is also a hot destination, while what we recommend today is somewhat different. It is a path of dense mysterious hylaea.

sitting or lying, enjoy the sunshine and the beach

views in the rainforest
In Bo'ao, the Diaoluoshan Mountain National Forest Park is a must-see, here is featured by fantastic natural scenery, and wonderful South China view. It is a place suit for getting away from coldness and heat, as well as an ideal area for expedition. To walk across in the river valleys in the primitive rainforest, tracing the origin of the stream will definitely help you relax. If stay at the rainforest holiday village, you can enjoy yourself in the heated Medurat Hashevet, singing and dancing.

Come to Hainan, Sanya is a city cannot be ignored, you can visit Yalong Bay beach, play with your classmates in these interesting Water Entertainment. For the view in the primitive isle, Xi Isle not far away is a good choice to enjoy the beach and sunshine.

Travel tips:
Transportation: you can go to Haikou by air and shift to Boao and Sanya
Food and Snacks: seafood is quite famous here, crab, mantis shrimp, lobster are so delicious after exquisite cooking by these cooks.
Accommodation: Hotels and family hotels will make your tour more convenient, the closer to the shore, the more expensive it may be, while you can book a hotel before you go there. Onlinechinatours can help you book a satisfied hotel, which will save your own effort.

Xiamen is favored by the masses for its wonderful seaside view and leisure lifestyle. When tired of walking and sigtseeing, you can find a small shop to enjoy a afternoon-tea, and spend a relaxed day. Don't forget to taste pie and samte oyster. What's more, the European style milk tea shops are typical features in Xiamen, good for meditating and pondering.

though it is small, its distinctiveness attracts lots of tourists every day.

have a dinner here, you can also enjoy the view outside
Travel tips:
Transportation: there are flights go directly to Xiamen
Food and Snacks: Xiamen snacks is widely known, samte oyster, worm jelly, shacha noodles and pies are especially noted here.
Accommodation: Wujiayuan Hotel is a good choice, cheap and comfortable, different from other family hotels, luxious while at the same time, remaining its distinctives.

4.Xunliao Bay
Compared with the other three recommended above, this one is not so widely-known, while it is a good place for those lovers of sea. In July, seawater is particularly clear and scenery wonderful, water activities are opened one by one, so it is also in the list of highly recommended Chinese tourist attractions in the Summer Holiday.

if you plan to go fishing with the local fishermen, which boat do you like best?

Will this photo give you an illusion that he is seizing the Sun?
Besides enjoying views here, the most exciting activity may be spend 20 yuan and go to sea with local fishermen, to really experience the life of a fisherman. The fish you caught can be took to cook by yourself. Just image how sweet it is to taste your own fruit.

Travel tips:

Transportation: From 6:00-21:30, there is a bus to Huidong City in every 15 min from Huizhou Bus Station, and from 6:30-17:30, there is a bus to Xunliao Bay in each hour from Huidong Bus Station.
Food and Snacks: there offers varies kinds of seafood, you may choose to have dinner in a raft or cook your own "fruit".
Accommodation: It is easy to find suitable hotels there.


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