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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Most Distinctive Hotels in the World

1.The highest hotel in the world: Burj Al Arab in Dubai
This hotel is at a height of 321 m, as the highest operating hotel all over the world, while once the Rose Tower finished, it will surpass this height. It is commended as a 7-star hotel, situated in an artificial island 280 meters away from the shore. At the same time, it is prouded of its Rolls-Royce team, Versace sheet and LPH landing platform for helicopter.
the outside appearance of Burj Al Arab

inside decoration of Burj Al Arab, luxurious, right?
2.The hotel of the largest scale( calculated by the number of guest rooms): Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, U.S.
This hotel shares a license plate with The Venetian nextdoor, in total, there are 8,108 guest rooms. The hotel resembles a mini-city, there are kinds of restaurants, fashion shops, gambling houses and 7 swimming pools.
night view of Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino

inside of Palazzo Resort Hotel & Casino

3.The most ancient hotel: Hoshi Ryokan in Komatsu, Japan
Hoshi Ryokan has already enjoyed an operating history of more than 1,300 years by one clan, the boss now is the 46 descendents.
Hoshi Ryokan, just from the appearance, we can see how old it is

a narrow path heading outsisde, paved with faded petals

4.The most expensive room: Villa Reale in Grand Resort Lagonissi in Athens, Greece
This room provided exclusive steward, cook and Pianist, each night will cost 50,000 US dollars. Tourists can enjoy hydrotherapy massage in personal swimming pool while overlook Aegean Sea. What's more, there is also a personal jet Lear.
the most astonishing is the "small"swimming pool

accompanied by your lover, just standing there quietly is so pleasant

5.The highest construction cost hotel: Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi
It was first operated in 2005, its construction cost over 3000 million US dollar. The whole hotel is built in silver, gold and marble, and 1,002 Swarovski chandeliers can be seen there.

luxious innerside

6.The grandest room in a hotel: Royal Suite in Grand Hills Hotel & Spa, situated in Broummana, Lebanon
This suite occupies in total 6 stories, covering an area of 8,000, one half of which is living room and the other including two swimming pools, a garden, a terrace and a pavilion.

7.The coldest hotel:Icehotel in Jukkasjarvi, Sweden
All the rooms in the hotel are made of ice, decorated by handmade ice artware and ice sculpture. There is even a ice chapel, suitable for marry and baptism. Two restaurants here offer various Lapland and Swedish cuisine. You can enjoy exploration in snow, Arctic expedition and experience komatik.
wow, wonderful

how would you feel if you have a night on the bed?

8.The hotel in the highest stories: Park Hyatt in Shanghai, China
Park Hyatt situated in the core area of Lujiazui, Pudong district, Shanghai, in the stories 79-93 in Shanghai World Financial Center, there, you can overlook the Huangpu River and Shanghai scene. It is not only the highest among China hotels, but also situated in the highest stories of the whole world.
just sitting in your room, you can bird view the top of other buildings, want to have a try?

wonderful seats for enjoying the view of the city

9. The hotel enjoying the highest altitude: Hotel Everest View in Nepal.
It is located in the plateau at an altitude of 3,880 m, in the national park in Sagarmatha, Nepal. In each room, you can fully enjoy the view of Mt. Everest, while the only way to reach the hotel is by rented jet.

10.The most environment friendly hotel: Daintree Eco Lodge & Spa in Queensland, Australia
This is a hotel of 15 villas dotted in the ancient hylaea. The environment friendly measures included applying solar energy, low energy lighting and building organic farmland to cultivate vegetable and fruit.
live in a house surrounded by trees, listen to the flowing water has always been my dream

have a spa

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