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Friday, July 22, 2011

Peculiar Fruits in China

In the hot summer, air conditioner, watermelon, Internet, TV, bed are all what I like, it is cool to seat on bed to surf the Internet or watch TV, enjoy the cold air coming out of air conditioner, eating some watermelon when in hunger, wow, ideal life!!! When the temperature outside is over 32 C, nothing, including those top 8 Chinese cuisine, would help me to enjoy a good appetite, watermelon alone can fill the empty stomach, do you have the same feeling with me?

While, on the other hand, I enjoy a walk after 7:00 p.m, go to park nearby or just wondering in a supermarket to see what fruit besides watermelon can be found in China <=_=>. Thanks to the convenient transportation nowadays, I can appreciate various of delicious fruit at home, which is particularlly good for a vegetarian. Are you a fruit fan?

Sugar orange--Deqing, Guangdong

quite common, almost all Chinese have had it before

Longan, Litchi, Green Fruit--Luzhou, Sichuan

It is right the season for litchi, though nowadays, we can have litchi all the year round, May to August are the best time for fresh litchi.

Xinjiang can be called a paradise for fruit because of its climate, there are varies famous fruites, like

Grape, Cantaloupe--Turpan
you can go to any grape garden to offer a entry fee to pick the grape and you can eat as much as you like.

even you are hidding, I can still find you out



I like apples, while in China now, apples are too expansive. If I had an apple garden......

too sweet for me

I want to take all these melons home, two for one day. Good idea?

Cherry is nice in its flavor, and also good for skin, so want to be more beautiful? Take more cherries. Cherry from Kashgar would be sold at a price of 120 yuan/kg, for it's larger than other cherry, do they seem like red pearl? 


Can Hotan be regarded as a kind of fruit? Maybe not. It is said in China that hotan can provide sth nutrition good for one's hair.

White apricot--Kuqa

White apricot? They are yellow in colour.
Durian, Jujube, Baobab, Lucuma nervosa, Mandarin orange, Myrtle, Banana, Avocado, Wild FIG, Tamarind, Phyllantus Emblica, Litchi, Green orange, Pitaya  --Hainan
Do you like such smell of durian?
How can it be called jujube? It is rather large in size.


I haven't seen Lucuma nervosa before, it is the tree on which Lucuma nervosa grow, you see, even the tree is quite different from what we've used to the image of a tree.

Banana is good for digesting, even a little baby can take a little bit banana, it is soft. While in Hainan this year, bananas are not sell well, once it was only 0.3yuan/kg, while as I live in Central China, I have to pay more than 4 yuan/kg for banana, why????

though green in its appearance, it is sweet

it is more like a vegetable rather than a kind of fruit

It seems that in among all these fruit in Hainan, only banana is more well-known, well, if there is a chance for going around China, esp, to Hainan or Xinjiang, I will definitely feast my stomach with so many delicious fruit. Will you feel thirsty after seeing so many peculiar Chinese fruit?


  1. This is a great post. I like particularly 2 girls picking fruits. And yes, we have no clue about many of your fruits.

  2. I love almost all the fruits inside here

  3. definitely a lot of fruits we do not have here. the baobob tree is beautiful. i didn't realize it bore fruit too. i would definitely be much more inclined to sample these than the previous post you showed on foods and meats. :) these look yummy!

  4. I like fruits!!!! The photos are very beautiful!

  5. Thanks for your comments here and I am happy you like them, if there is still sth. about China you are interested in, you can also comment here and I will further complete the contents on my blog. Thanks!