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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Top 10 Palaces in the World

1. White House
It is an official mansion of the president in the U.S., situated in Washington. It was began built in 1792, since 1800, it has been the official mansion of U.S. president.

the democracy in the U.S. can be generally reflected on his managing of the White House: it is free to have a visit inside, even to foreigh tourists.
2. Buckingham Palace
As the royal palace of U.K, it is lacated in London. In 1703, it was began to be built, since 1837, Queen Victoria succeeded to the throne, it has been the royal palace of U.K. Between 11:30 to 12:00 every morning, Royal Guard will chang the guard in front of the palace, gorgeous.

Are they waiting for the Queen or sb. else?
3. Beylerbeyi Palace
It may be not so famous as the White House and Buckingham Palace, while it was once the guesthouse for distinguished guests in Sudan. It is situated in the Bosporus Strait of Turkey, built in while marble, full of magnolia flower, just like a land in dream. 

4. the Kremlin
Situated in the heart of Moscow, Russia, it was once the royal palace of the Tsar before 18th century.

I love these colours
5. Palais Versailles
Palais Versailles is most noted for the works of art there, it is almost a palace of art. It is situated in Versailles, southwest of Paris. Initially built in 16th century, and expanded several times to the present scale.

6. the Imperial Palace
It is the royal palace of Chinese Ming and Qing dynasties, situated at the heart of Beijing. There stored quite a number of art treasure.

the Imperial Palace has been appeared before for times, I think it is no need to write more about it.

7. the Potala Palace
Situated on the Red Hill of Lhasa, Tibet, it is a well-known representative of ancient Tibetan construction, encompassing an area of 41 hectares.

a must-see scenic spot in Tibet when going a China tour package
 8. Topkap Palace
There is a splendent building in the intersection of Bosphorus Strait, the Golden Horn and Marmara Sea--the Topkap Palace--the heart of the Ottoman Empire (1290-1922).

9. Blenheim Palace
Situated not far from Woodstock, Oxfordshire, there are sharp contrast of Baroque style with classical style in Blenheim Palace. It has been put on the list of UN World Cultural Heritage.

10. Louvre Palace
This world-known palace of art was initially built in the end of 12th century, first used for defense, after a series of expanding and repairation, it grows into a resplendent and magnificent palace. Vénus de Milo, Mona Lisa and Winged Victory of Samothrace are top most-noted 3 treasures in the palace.

There must be some other famous and gorgeous palaces I forgot to mention on the text above, if you find out there are still important ones didn't appear above, please write to me and help me enrigh it.


  1. the one in tibet on the hill with all those stairs is amazing. :)

  2. Beautiful Photos and very interesting information. Thank you :-)