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Saturday, October 8, 2011

4 Days' Tour to Xi'an during Peak Season in China

On Sep.30, we get on a train to enjoy our trip in Xi'an, not until 13:45 of the next day, namely, Oct.1, did we arrive at Xi'an train station. Luckily, there are not so many people on the train, we can still talk and play poker on the train.

After checking in, we went to have dinner, authentic Xi'an food, delicious, it is. Then we directed to the Big Wild Goose Pagoda to enjoy the fountain show at 21:00, fantastic, indeed, except for the large quantity of visitors.

Then, on Oct.2, we went to the Bell Tower, the Drum Tower, the Moslem Street and Xi'an Ancient Wall, as we have imaged that, all of these places are crowded with tourists, while still keep their own characteristics.

On Oct.3, the Terracotta-Warriors, what we've longed for a long time. Actually, when we arrived there, it didn't give us much surprise at first, only when we reached the 1st pit, shocked!!! We cannot help wondering how did our ancestors achieve this without help of any advanced technology and science, it is almost beyond human ability.

If there were one more chance, I would like to go to see them once again with these lovely three friends.
On our way to Xi'an, we four, the hero and heroines in the following days: on the train, this train ride cost us more than 15 hours, wow, we are fantastic

sculptures in the Big Wild Goose Pagoda
On the the Moslem Street, the pic on the lower right corner  are images made of malt sugar, have you ever seen it before?

Varies old books, we've never expected to see them again in the modern days

Xi'an ancient wall, it is long and grand

performances under the ancient wall, we are lucky to be them right on time, the warriors are in the attire of Tang soldiers
we are standing among Terracotta warriors, unbelievable?

Terracotta Warriors, it is the most intact one, even his fingernails are well preserved

Lintong is not only famous for the excavation of Terracotta Warriors, but also well-known for its persimmon, date and pomegranate

pomegranate in Lintong is not only cheap, sweet but also in big size and pretty


  1. Un reportaj foarte frumos, imi plac arhitectura, sculpturile, razboinicii de teracota, felicitari!

  2. Xian is a top location to visit. We enjoyed the Terra Cota army as also a bycicle tour on the city walls.


  3. what a wonderful trip to take with friends!

  4. Nice pictures on your blog.... i like it very much

    greetings from holland, Joop

  5. i enjoyed my time in Xian and the terracotta warriors were such a sight to behold.

  6. It is hard to believe the enormity of all those Terracotta warriors and there are still more to unearth. We weren't lucky enough to see a performance at the City Wall when we were there. Those fruits look delicious!