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Monday, March 26, 2012

Spring Travel of China

A prose said that: the east wind comes as I wish, and so do the Spring steps. After a long and freeze winter, the warm and bright spring refresh the whole world, birds singing, cows mooing, flowers blooming, trees smiling, why not to go a spring travel to take a breath of the clean fragrance of spring in picturesque water town? Here listed several time-honored tour places for your choice:

1. Xinye village
Nestled southwest of Hangzhou, 6 km from Daciyan scenic spot, Xinye village is noted for its long history and laendlich folk custom. Boasting of a history of over 800 years, Xinye village also preserves more than 200 architectures dated back from Ming(1638-1644) and Qing dynasties(1636-1912). Wandering along the sequestered alleys, stepping on stone steps, it is hard to notice the elapsing of time. Surrounded by verdant mountains, green farms, merry streams, dotted with mooing water buffaloes, white walls, black tiles, it is completely a harmonious site without artificial damage.

There are plenty of youth hostels and family hotels, providing delicacies and dishes, it will only cost you ¥60-100.

2. Zhuge Bagua Village
I believe you've ever heard of Zhuge Liang before, are you wandering about the relation between him and Zhuge Bagua Village?

Actually this village is exactly the site of his offspring dwelling, named as Gaolong Village before, regarded as the largest dwelling site of Zhuge Liang's offspring. The village is arranged along the shape of the Eight Diagrams with Zhong pool being its center, reputed as "the model of ancient Jiangnan village". Since folks in the village mainy deal with medicines and herbs, fire-prevent and water-prevent facilities are wildly used.

3. Gaoqian Village
Situated in Xianju County, it takes only 1 square km. Gaoqian Village boasts of a long history of more than 700 years, preserving huge-scaled folk houses with delicate decorations and orderly distribution. From the name of their messuage, you can sense the importance of education there. Compared with other water towns, Gaoqian Village shows more influence of family clan.

4. Hongcun Village
It is noted as 'a village walks out of the picture'. With only a distance of 64 km from Yellow Mountain, there are scheduled bus from Huangshan to Hongcun. It is consturcted in the shape of an ox, the charm of which not only lies in its peculiar Hui style architecture, green trees and mountains, but also in the flowing water in Nanhu and Yuezhao. No other villages can prevail it by the well-combination of nature and culture, and it has already been listed on the UNESCO historical and cultural heritage.

5. Wuyuan 
Red azalea, golden rape flower, pink peach flower, snow-white pear flower, while walls, black tiles, Wuyuan is more elegant than words can express.

To arrange a date with Spring, give yourself a chance to get close with the nature, take a breath of nature air, taste nature vegatation.


  1. absolutely beautiful scenes. the yellow blooms are gorgeous.

  2. The yellow flower fields are fantastic. China is a great country to visit.


  3. This is great! The weather helped the places become more attractive and beautiful.

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  4. Spring is perhaps the most exciting season of the year to travel. Xinye village is stunning from those beautiful flowers to unique houses.

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  6. I love to enjoy the rich culture and heritage of China.!I am just absolutely fascinated by China Adventure Tours. I cannot WAIT to go there one day!

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