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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Specialities in Yangzhou

As an old poem in China goes that: make a journey to Yangzhou in the blooming season, Yangzhou has been well-accepted as a tourist paradise since ancient times. The Slander West Lake, the He Garden, the Ge Garden, the 1912 Bar Street, Mingjiao Temple, Wenchang Pavilion......every scenery spot means a wonder for visitors.

While in spite of picturesque views in Yangzhou, it is also a place hot for various specilities, like 'three knives', Yangzhou lacquerwares, Yangzhou Jade; as for Yangzhou delicacies, there are 'Fuchun' and 'Wuting'Baozi, Yangzhou Fried Rice(Yangzhou Chaofan),'Sanhesimei'pickles, Yangzhou Sticky Candy, Gaoyou Egg, Jingjiang Meat, etc.
Yangzhou Slender West Lake


Yangzhou Sticky Candy

Yangzhou lacquerwares

Yangzhou Bonsai

Yangzhou papercut of Chinese character'春'(spring)

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  1. the lacquerware and bonzai are gorgeous. the papercutout is wonderful, too. :)