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Thursday, May 26, 2011

China in 1980s

In 1980s. China is not so spendid and colorful as the present looks. Life at that time is so simple that TV sets and cars are really seldom to see in China, even in the capital Beijing. It's true that China achieved a lot in economy, however, they also lost something in the wind. Here I collected the precious pictures of 1980s to you, and hope you can enjoy the different aspects of China. More interesting stories and pictures are on the way and you can see onlinechinatours.

I'm so proud to be here, because only leaders can spend holidays  in Beidaihe Resort

Actually, I prefer rice bucket, but my wife says no.

Do I look handsome?

Hi, master, are you ready to go? Can I have my breakfast first?

After class, we are a flock of happy birds

Can you wait for seconds? It's my turn to cross road

Hi, my retired life is all you can see.

Wow, I never know the ticket of Forbidden City only costs 0.01CNY
If my investor invested 100 million CNY, my poster will be much bigger than this one.
You'd better have one Child, or you will not be able to afford the house  in 2011.
See?  I said  the Monkey King will back from  Mountain of Flowers and Fruits
Motor Way?  What is Motor?
Are we criminals?

nice meat, give me one catty

How much is your potato?
Don't bother me, I have to sell these chicken before noon, or my wife will snub me
Buddy, have you found any spy suspect?
Bird Flu? What's that?
Buddy, raise your head, yes, keep it

I overheard the taxi in western countries only can hold 2-3 persons

Is there any girls more beautiful than us? It's hard to imagine.

Buddy, what's the news? 

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