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Thursday, June 16, 2011

5 Cautions in Outbound Tourism

1.To make a list beforehand, note clear of what you should bring with you in case of leaving anything behind;
2.Take necessary medicine and small tools with you, like band-aid, ropes, if you plan to go explore in forests or sands, a compass is needed.

3.To accquire some basic knowledge in terms of customs of the country you planning to visit. For example, it is impolite to touch a kid's head in Thailand and it is forbidden to hug children in India, to talk about or eat pork in front of Hui people in China and other Islamic people is unbearable.
4.If you go to a coutry of language obstacle, take a card of the hotel you stay will be much safer. For instance, if you can only speak English, you can take your card of your hotel with you when you are in China in case of you are lost and cannot find anyone speak English, though the chance is nearly zero for English now is widely spread in China. In a word, prepare more is better than making no preparations, esp, in your outbound tourism.
5.Valuable and expensive items are better locked at the safety box of reception desk of your hotel.

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