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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway Introduction

With the operation of Beijing-Shanghai Express Railway, the mysterious veil finally be uncovered, as I've mentioned yesterday that the designed speed is 380 km/h, and from Beijing to Shanghai can be shortened to as much as 4 hours and 48 minutes. Now I will say more information of the railway.
All along the way, it will pass totally 23 stations, namely Bejing south station, Langfang station, Tianjin west station, Cangzhou west station, Dezhou east station, Jinan west station, Taian station, Qufu east station, Tengzhou east station, Zaozhuang station, Xuzhou east station, Suzhou east station, Bengbu south station, Dingyuan station, Chuzhou station, Nanjing south station, Zhenjiang south station,Danyang north station, Changzhou north station, Wuxi east station, Suzhou north station, Kunshan south station and Shanghai Hongqiao station, passing through 6 provinces and regions.
On the way, you can appreciate the various scene changing from North China to South China, and it is good time to enjoy except for Beijing and Shanghai, you can also see Confucius Temple, Mt. Tai, Mt. Yimeng in Shandong Province.
Though the ticket price is much higher than normal railways, the equipment is of higher level. It is classified into business class, first class, second class cabin as well as a dinning cabin.
In business class cabin, you can modify the chair freely since you enjoy large enough room, and TV is equiped which can also surf the Internet. In the first class and second class cabin, though there is no TV, you can listen to the radio. Different from traditional Chinese trains, there provided socket for charging. More vivid image can be found on the vedio above, and detailed information can be found at Onlinechinatours.

Chairs, see the blue button on the right side of the handril, by pressing these buttons, you can modify the gesture of your chair 

steward in the train, it is said they are well-trained, not only familiar with their responsibilities of offering service on the train, but also know much about the scenic spots outside of the window. So when take the train, you can have a free tour guide.

TV, it can also used to surf the internet. See the small desk? It can be used as a desk for reading and eating, it can also be folded to save space. On one side of the chair, there is also a light, which can be used in the night for reading or doing something else.

Dinning cabin

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